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Warsaw Health Care Summit

The meeting will take place on March 11 and 12, 2024 at the Arche Hotel Krakowska in Warsaw
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Sustainable development of health care, efficient use of resources.

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We know that it is closely related to environmental protection

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We promote the idea of hospital self-sufficiency

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Safe pharmacy

We raise awareness of minimizing the damage caused by chemical substances

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Green procurement

As part of the hospital's climate-friendly policy

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Work -life balance

Sustainability of health care workers

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New technology

Supporting diagnosis and treatment

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Economics and management

Management models in health care

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Eliminating risk in health care

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Artificial Intelligence

Its role in managing the green hospital

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About us

Warsaw Health Care Summit

The meeting serves to popularize knowledge in the field of environmental protection, ecology, safe pharmacy, green procurement for the healthcare sector, medical law, sustainable development of medical staff, new technologies and the use of artificial intelligence in the management of healthcare facilities.

Our guests

Meet our guests

Polish and foreign specialists, theoreticians and practitioners in their fields, and special guests.

Paweł Balsam


Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka


Piotr Wachowiak


Elaine Mead